Do All Things Really Work Together for the Good?

It happens all the time. That moment you realize maybe nothing will ever work out and your life might as well be over. You got nothing to look forward to anymore. Hope is gone. Love is lost. Your future looks bleak and dead.

That was me.


That was me. I was there. My hope was gone…

I was there.

My hope was gone. Like a shrouded ripple faded on the backwash of insecurities. I thought there was no way possible God could ever bring me to the point in my life where anything made sense anymore, to where I knew without the shadow of a doubt that he even cared. Image courtesy of Janpen04081986 at

I replayed nightmares over and over in my head, waking up pleading for his mercy at night and crying out for relief.

But for a long time, nothing came. I felt like I had been abandoned. By God. By my family. It was just me and God. There was nothing else.

But something happened during that time. You see, life throttles curve balls at us until we are left battered, bruised and bleeding. Band-aids don’t work anymore. Gauze becomes cumbersome and annoying. So you reach the point where you feel the point of no return and no relief.

And then it happens.


The moment you realize, in your silence, that God really does work everything out…

Time happens. Silence happens. Your mind slowly heals, your body changes, your emotions grow guards and walls that have taught you discernment. And then slowly, bit by bit God heals you.

Time becomes a soft breeze on your heart that after a while, you start feeling goosebumps of life again. Image courtesy of everydayplus at

There is no short cut to healing. God knows it takes time. But you can rest assured that no matter what you are going through now, he has your best interests at heart and with time, he will bring healing.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”-Romans 8:28

One day, maybe even years later, as I have learned, you will look back and see God working through all your pain the whole time. During those times I felt I had no one to lean on, but in reality, God was and still is all I have. In time, he healed me. And he will heal you too, turning your bad times into working everything out for your good.