The Day God told me to Kneel at the Ocean

I took a walk on the beach today. You know that silence you feel through your bones when you are all alone and all you see is endless miles of sandy beaches and a vast, raging ocean? Yea that one.

I was there today.


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I stood gasping at this marvel before me, the wind whipping at my suntanned skin, the spray from the salty ocean teasing me.

I’ve done this before. Only today, it was different. After years of attacks, battles and losses, hopes and dreams coming to pass, miraculous provision, and exhaustion…

I stood there at the mighty feet of God Almighty, and said one of many prayers into the horizon. Sometimes life is too overwhelming and we say things like: “God will never give you more than you can bear…” And then it happens. You get throttled with a pain that you cannot bear, and it hits you: “Who can bear this?”

There is only one who can.

He spoke to me, and said: “Pray before me.” So I did.

Then he whispered: “Kneel before me at this ocean.” And the first thought that hit me was not to fall on my knees to serve my creator. The first thought that hit me was: “But…I don’t want my butt to get wet, I have to drive home, I didn’t bring a towel to sit on.”

And then it happened.


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I did as I was asked, and I walked to the ocean and I knelt on my knees. I closed my eyes and prayed, expecting for waves to throttle me and soak me at any moment.

But they didn’t.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the waves coming up to caress my fingers in the sand, and then retreated. The waves came up to form circles around me, past me, but never right at me. My butt did not get wet.

I heard this: “I even care that you were worried your butt would get wet.”

Then I thought of Job. He endured heartaches, financial losses and physical grief we may never know.

I heard God whisper: “Job’s end was better than his beginning.”


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I sat there on my knees, the gentle caressing of the waves playing with my fingers, then retreating back to form silky ripples in the sand. I cried. I cried because God cares so much that something so small and insane as my worry about getting my butt wet mattered to him.

He reads every thoughts. He knows every hearts intentions. And he cares.

You know what? Even if the waves had of gotten me soaked, I would have still enjoyed sitting there praying. I would have drove home on a wet seat. But it would have all been okay.

So the next time life pummels you with a raging ocean of worries, just trust that God is right there with you. After all, if he can care that I didn’t have a towel with me, he can certainly care about whatever it is worrying you now. We should know this, but sometimes it takes a vast, lonely beach and endless raging ocean to make us see it.