The God of the Intricate When Life Spins Out of Control

We tend to question God when things get tough. When things don’t go our way. We tend to give up too easily when God just wants us to wait on him first.

We rush ahead. We race forward. We don’t listen. We think we know everything.

We throw our fists to the sky first and laugh in his face when life happens, because let’s face it, life happens to go in ways we have no control over.

People die. People lose it all. Futures crumble, we think, but oh friend, God even controls the future we fear will never be. ID-100255203

Life spins out of control and we wonder where God is at and why things happen the way they do. But they do. Life happens. Hard things happen. But even in the miraculous splendor of living, glories burst from the flames. Life sprouts from death. Healing begins, and God mends. 

It takes time to mend a web. If you have ever watched a spider weave a web, the intricacies and details of perfection are a masterful art. And that’s just a spider web. Imagine the intricacies of human existence. The master of life must, after all, take his time to weave perfection.

Beauty takes time. Healing takes time. Although we tend to wonder why God never showed up yesterday, when in reality, he was there all along.

The same God who created such intricate design, the one who was with us during our painful pasts, the same one who watches us now, is the same one who walks in our future.

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The God of intricate design, the one who tells you now: “It’s okay friend. I see where you’ve been. I know where you are now, I know where you are going. Trust me.”

Trust him. If the creator of the spider, who can make an intricate web of art, can make a small creature with talent, He can do so much more with you.







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