This is how Unexpected Disappointments are Really Blessings in Disguise

You wanted that job promotion, but someone else got it. You wanted to get off work early to have time with your family but that last minute customer walked in five minutes before closing. You wanted that new car but don’t have the money saved to put down on it yet. You were a day late to put in an offer on your dream home. You really needed that product to sell so you can pay some bills that has been biting you from the inside out for a while now. Those bullies at school just won’t stop.

The list goes on and on. But you were disappointed. It hurt. It made you question God’s


Disappointments make us question God and our ability to navigate life

motives for your life, and maybe even you got mad.

You just needed a break. An incentive. Some good news or opportunity in life to keep you going. But it doesn’t happen, you leave disappointed. It leaves you confused, questioning your ability to navigate life, make decisions and you think: “Why am I even alive?!”

Every single disappointment throttled at you forces you to look at God. People say we are in control of our destiny, that we make the decisions, that we walk the path we set for ourselves. But you look at your life and say: “This wasn’t me! I wanted to do better! I want to be better! This is not the path I wanted…

And then it happens.


And then it happens: something forces you to look at your disappointments 

Something forces you to look at your disappointments. You’re late for work one morning because your toddler just won’t stop being difficult, and when you finally get to leave you realize on the way there was a fatal wreck. It could have been you, your child.

That job promotion you were desperate for? Yea, that one. The department folded, laying everyone off shortly after giving promotions. That could have been you.

Leaving work early to have some down time and that last minute customer walks in? Yea, that one. That person needed you. They needed help, a resolution, and you were the only bridge they had to keep their sanity.

That new car you didn’t have the down payment for? Well, they are now recalling them and due to engine problems have killed several consumers by now.


Disappointments happen and years later, you look back and see they were really blessings in disguise, you just couldn’t see it then…

That dream home you missed out putting an offer on? The builder of that home is getting sued because they cut corners, so now the buyers are stuck in litigation and forced to deal with a badly built house.

Dealing with bullies? Want to give up and hide somewhere? Yea, God sees that too. He also sees where those type of people will end up, but he sees forging strengths in you to be a better person will matter years down the road when your own kids get bullied, or someone you know at work.


God sees every path you are on in life, and he knows how to veer you to the right one that will be in your best interests. 

We cry during our disappointments, when in reality, God sees it as opportunities to give you something better, to keep you from something much worse. He sees the road you may be on as choices you made, but he can veer those choices to direct us to the right path and when that happens, we call them disappointments. We get frustrated at our circumstances and question God, when God is the one who sees it all.

He doesn’t want you to take a promotion where you will get laid off or be subject to hardships that is not in your best interests. He doesn’t want you to buy a bad home or car. He knows bullies, and he also knows every single thing you are subjected to in life will make you stronger to stand up for yourself and others and do the right thing.


God has plans to prosper you, not to harm you. To give you a hope and a future. One day, those disappointments you have or are enduring will force you to look at God and say: “Thank you.”

Life is full of unexpected disappointments. They hurt. They make us angry and we question God. But God says: “For I know the plans I have for you. Declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11




The Testing that Prepares you to Pass

I wondered for a long time why I didn’t pass those tests.

At work, we are required to take scheduled testing to improve our skills and train for any next level opportunities in the job, as well as learn about the ever changing regulated environment.

I kept adding learning activities to my training that I just knew I would pass!


We think we are ready for things to happen in our life, when in reality God knows we still need time and training.

But I failed them, over and over.

So I put them on the back burner. I got a job promotion. Then another. And with each promotion I learned the ropes and were given opportunities to keep honing my skills in my environment. Image courtesy of nenetus at

Several months later, I went back to my training modules. The material was familiar to me then. I understood exactly what the module was asking of me.

I passed.

I failed the first time because I wasn’t ready to take those tests in the first place. This time, I had been trained and experienced what those tests were grading me on. I knew what I was doing.


When you’re ready, that’s when God blesses you

In life, we think we are ready to do things and we fail over and over and wonder why God isn’t listening or answering our prayers. It’s not that he doesn’t listen, it’s just he is the teacher grading us and knows when we are ready to take those tests.

He also knows the training and time we need to complete it the right way. Image courtesy of anankkml at

You can spend your whole life in futile effort fighting to pass one thing or another in life, but if you are not ready you will fail every time. God knows we need preparation, time and training.

The God of the Intricate When Life Spins Out of Control

We tend to question God when things get tough. When things don’t go our way. We tend to give up too easily when God just wants us to wait on him first.

We rush ahead. We race forward. We don’t listen. We think we know everything.

We throw our fists to the sky first and laugh in his face when life happens, because let’s face it, life happens to go in ways we have no control over.

People die. People lose it all. Futures crumble, we think, but oh friend, God even controls the future we fear will never be. ID-100255203

Life spins out of control and we wonder where God is at and why things happen the way they do. But they do. Life happens. Hard things happen. But even in the miraculous splendor of living, glories burst from the flames. Life sprouts from death. Healing begins, and God mends. 

It takes time to mend a web. If you have ever watched a spider weave a web, the intricacies and details of perfection are a masterful art. And that’s just a spider web. Imagine the intricacies of human existence. The master of life must, after all, take his time to weave perfection.

Beauty takes time. Healing takes time. Although we tend to wonder why God never showed up yesterday, when in reality, he was there all along.

The same God who created such intricate design, the one who was with us during our painful pasts, the same one who watches us now, is the same one who walks in our future.


Image courtesy of athurstock at

The God of intricate design, the one who tells you now: “It’s okay friend. I see where you’ve been. I know where you are now, I know where you are going. Trust me.”

Trust him. If the creator of the spider, who can make an intricate web of art, can make a small creature with talent, He can do so much more with you.






When Yesterday was Too Late, and God still says: NO.

We’ve all been there. That hopeless torment ripping us to shreds inside, when desperation screams out: “Help God!”

But help doesn’t show up. It doesn’t come. And whatever it is you have endured has already happened, and it is too late. God still said NO.


Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at

That mom didn’t want that cancer. That brother didn’t want to get killed in that car wreck, while the drunk driver walked away from the accident. That child just wanted his parents to stay together. That single parent wants to pay bills and buy food. That old man on disability wants to be able to work and feel useful, have a purpose in life.

But every where you turn, you feel God is telling you NO.

It hurts to feel rejected. As if the world isn’t bad enough as is, and then it seems as if God himself has turned his back on us and left us alone to face the silent pain.


Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at

I could spend a day wallowing in the news that shadows life with grave uncertainties if I stayed glued to the television all day. I could read a horror story and then at bed time get chills and goose bumps from shadows racing through my blinds. I could think that sharks grow legs and can walk out from the ocean just to eat me too when I go for long walks.

But those are all lies. Horrors and fears play a deadly game of chess with our emotions if we let them.

Jesus said: Fear not. And if that wasn’t enough, he said it 365 times in the Bible.

For every NO I felt God screamed at me, for every NO you think you are hearing when an answer or provision was needed yesterday, was really not a NO.

It was really a: “Do you trust me?”


Image courtesy of Janpen04081986 at

When you are suffering and in pain, God cares about that too. He cares you are hurting. He cares you can’t pay your bills, or afford the healthcare to buy that medicine to stay alive a little longer. He sees everything.

What you are going through does not make you less of a person.

The devil will have us believe we are only worthy of pain and not worthy of grace. His lies will make you think less of yourself than God really sees you. But God asks: “Do you trust me?”

There will never be an emotion or hope behind a human that God will never put into an ambition for deliverance. The same God who gives you redemption, is the same God who showers you with provision and healing.


Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at

So regardless of what you are going through, rest assured God sees you. He may not have showed up yesterday, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t on his way. Jesus came to Mary and Martha after Lazarus was dead, all hope was gone…in their eyes.

But Jesus said, I will take this death and transform it into a victory. He raised Lazarus from the dead. And that my friends, is what he does. Trust him.




The Day God told me to Kneel at the Ocean

I took a walk on the beach today. You know that silence you feel through your bones when you are all alone and all you see is endless miles of sandy beaches and a vast, raging ocean? Yea that one.

I was there today.


Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at

I stood gasping at this marvel before me, the wind whipping at my suntanned skin, the spray from the salty ocean teasing me.

I’ve done this before. Only today, it was different. After years of attacks, battles and losses, hopes and dreams coming to pass, miraculous provision, and exhaustion…

I stood there at the mighty feet of God Almighty, and said one of many prayers into the horizon. Sometimes life is too overwhelming and we say things like: “God will never give you more than you can bear…” And then it happens. You get throttled with a pain that you cannot bear, and it hits you: “Who can bear this?”

There is only one who can.

He spoke to me, and said: “Pray before me.” So I did.

Then he whispered: “Kneel before me at this ocean.” And the first thought that hit me was not to fall on my knees to serve my creator. The first thought that hit me was: “But…I don’t want my butt to get wet, I have to drive home, I didn’t bring a towel to sit on.”

And then it happened.


Image courtesy of Fred Pinheiro at

I did as I was asked, and I walked to the ocean and I knelt on my knees. I closed my eyes and prayed, expecting for waves to throttle me and soak me at any moment.

But they didn’t.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the waves coming up to caress my fingers in the sand, and then retreated. The waves came up to form circles around me, past me, but never right at me. My butt did not get wet.

I heard this: “I even care that you were worried your butt would get wet.”

Then I thought of Job. He endured heartaches, financial losses and physical grief we may never know.

I heard God whisper: “Job’s end was better than his beginning.”


Image courtesy of 9comeback at

I sat there on my knees, the gentle caressing of the waves playing with my fingers, then retreating back to form silky ripples in the sand. I cried. I cried because God cares so much that something so small and insane as my worry about getting my butt wet mattered to him.

He reads every thoughts. He knows every hearts intentions. And he cares.

You know what? Even if the waves had of gotten me soaked, I would have still enjoyed sitting there praying. I would have drove home on a wet seat. But it would have all been okay.

So the next time life pummels you with a raging ocean of worries, just trust that God is right there with you. After all, if he can care that I didn’t have a towel with me, he can certainly care about whatever it is worrying you now. We should know this, but sometimes it takes a vast, lonely beach and endless raging ocean to make us see it.


This is What Really Happens When we Think God doesn’t Hear Us…

You got some bad news today. You’re looking at the next few years thinking, knowing there is no way you will ever get through this. People keep taking advantage of you, lying about you, hurting you. And they keep getting away with it for what seems like years and years. You just can’t seem to catch a break.

You have cried out to God for deliverance and Mercy, and pleaded with him over and over it seems about the same problem.

Yet…Nothing. There is nothing but silence from our creator. Then you question him, his motives for your life and why you were even born.


You have cried out to God for deliverance & Mercy, yet Nothing…but he hears everything, and will take your hardships and turn them into blessings in disguise.

You feel nothing but desperation. Hopeless.

Hope is supposed to anchor the soul, yet hope deferred just weighs the soul down in a black pit from which there is no return. Or it seems that way for this moment.

Dear Friend let me tell you, if you took honest inventory the last few years of your life, could you say you had answered prayers? I bet you could. Image courtesy of Naypong at

What about the unanswered ones? I bet there are many. God keeps tabs on them too. He keeps tabs on every single thing we go through, and then he uses those things to make us stronger.

We cry out to God in our desperate needs and hopeless situations, when God sees everything we are going to be put through from others. He knows that person or people are scheming, intending you harm.

He also sees that what you are being put through will have an ultimate purpose. He takes every single hardship thrust on us painfully, and weaves blessings in disguise. He knows we live in a fallen world where life is hard at times, and he sees every hardship coming our way.

He also prepares to turn hardships into lessons, strength, honor and glory.


We wonder if God is listening, when in reality he is working on delivering us in his timing

We serve an awesome God that loves us so much, when he sees hard times coming our way he immediately works on a master plan to teach and mold us for a greater purpose.

So you may be suffering now, I am too. Everyone does. This is life, and life is fraught with unending persecutions, uncertainties and catastrophic pain. There is nothing too hard for God to save, nothing too drastic for him to stop the pain.  Image courtesy of tuelekza at

You may have unanswered prayers now, but never think God doesn’t hear your pleas for help and provision. He hears everything, and he is right now working on a master plan for your life, even when you think he is silent.



Do All Things Really Work Together for the Good?

It happens all the time. That moment you realize maybe nothing will ever work out and your life might as well be over. You got nothing to look forward to anymore. Hope is gone. Love is lost. Your future looks bleak and dead.

That was me.


That was me. I was there. My hope was gone…

I was there.

My hope was gone. Like a shrouded ripple faded on the backwash of insecurities. I thought there was no way possible God could ever bring me to the point in my life where anything made sense anymore, to where I knew without the shadow of a doubt that he even cared. Image courtesy of Janpen04081986 at

I replayed nightmares over and over in my head, waking up pleading for his mercy at night and crying out for relief.

But for a long time, nothing came. I felt like I had been abandoned. By God. By my family. It was just me and God. There was nothing else.

But something happened during that time. You see, life throttles curve balls at us until we are left battered, bruised and bleeding. Band-aids don’t work anymore. Gauze becomes cumbersome and annoying. So you reach the point where you feel the point of no return and no relief.

And then it happens.


The moment you realize, in your silence, that God really does work everything out…

Time happens. Silence happens. Your mind slowly heals, your body changes, your emotions grow guards and walls that have taught you discernment. And then slowly, bit by bit God heals you.

Time becomes a soft breeze on your heart that after a while, you start feeling goosebumps of life again. Image courtesy of everydayplus at

There is no short cut to healing. God knows it takes time. But you can rest assured that no matter what you are going through now, he has your best interests at heart and with time, he will bring healing.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”-Romans 8:28

One day, maybe even years later, as I have learned, you will look back and see God working through all your pain the whole time. During those times I felt I had no one to lean on, but in reality, God was and still is all I have. In time, he healed me. And he will heal you too, turning your bad times into working everything out for your good.